AGS LAVENDER, 1 Gal Bottle

High performance meets low cost in our Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner. This concentrated formula is manufactured locally and with natural ingredients to clean and deodorize effectively.

Package Includes: Includes 1 GAL Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Experience the refreshing aroma of lavender with our all-purpose cleaner, perfect for any surface. Embrace the power of our lavender-infused all-purpose cleaner, tackling dirt and grime effortlessly. AGS provides a versatile lavender cleaner that leaves your home smelling fresh and clean – similiar to the “Fabuloso” liquid. Our lavender-scented all-purpose cleaner is safe, effective, and non-toxic for everyday use.
Elevate your cleaning routine with our lavender-infused cleaner, suitable for various surfaces. Enjoy a calming cleaning experience with our lavender all-purpose cleaner, safe for the whole family. Keep your home spotless and lavender-scented with our multi-surface all-purpose cleaner. Our lavender all-purpose cleaner is your go-to solution for a beautifully clean and fragrant home. Harness the natural power of lavender with our eco-friendly, lavender-scented cleaner.


Quantity Discount Per Item Price
0-3 -$0.00 $9.99
4-11 -$1.00 $8.99
12+ -$1.50 $8.49